Here at CGTWorks we offer you the complete architectural service including architectural design, consultancy, planning and development. Our team of architects are highly skilled, we select only the most promising candidates and as such have won a range of awards for our work. We are ultimately design-led and strive to create the most innovative and thoughtful solutions to the architectural process. Our architects offer a personalized service and are always at hand to offer advice and give that personal touch when creating your project.


The preliminary estimate gives you an idea of the cost of your project before any works begin. We can get a preconstruction plan and highly accurate projection using Building Information Model technology (BIM). This can all be done prior to any detailed drawings and is key in the planning stage of your project encompassing budget control, expected tender date, timeline and concept design.


We work with our clients to produce high quality designs inspired primarily by the vision you have for your project. We listen/advise and ultimately present to you a collection of your vision using the most up to date design trends, tools and products. We work very much in collaboration with you, listening to what you want to bring to life the inspiration for your project.


We use Autocad to create detailed plans of your project. Our architects are highly skilled and developed in this process, enabling the contractors to go straight into the construction process – whether you use our construction team or another one, we are able to communicate directly for maximum efficiency, given our experience in both fields.


For the feasibility study we analyse both the financial and practical aspects of the project. This includes an evaluation of the potential site or building from its history, overall condition to any constraints which can be dealt with accordingly to ensure the smooth running of the works.


We use Cinema4D with a Vray plugin to create realistic renders of your project. This allows you to see the potential for your project in hyper detailed imaging. We can edit and change the images to further design your vision for the works.


The tender documents are required for the purpose of getting a quote for construction works on your project. We put together the complete package to gain a selection of prices from our group of trusted contractors, including a cost from our own construction department.


For on site management CGTWorks can take full control, communicating with the contractors to ensure the smooth running of your project, on time and on budget.


If you are the proud owner of a listed building and you want to bring your home into the 21st century then we are the people to work with. We have a 100% track record of getting building consent for grade I and II listed buildings, working with the council to get approval for your development.


We offer pre application advice for planning approval including viability studies, potential site issues and national requirements, reducing the likelihood of submitting an invalid application.


Our detailed planning applications give you the best chance of success to achieve the go ahead for your project. We have a track record of securing approval for innovative projects that are out of the council guidelines. With the relationships we have developed over the years we can assure you with a 98% success rate of planning approval.


As part of our consultancy service we also offer a ‘license for alteration’ package. This includes securing approval for works that affect the external and/or internal nature of the listed building.



Our Interior Design team makes sure our practice is underpinned by a seriously good eye for design. We offer a full package of interior services from procurement, to sourcing of fine artists to fit both commercial and residential properties. We attend all the current fairs and events to keep up to date and on trend with the latest items in luxury and innovative methods to give your property the edge. We will always be on hand to bring your ideas whether you come simply with your favourite colour or with a brief for fitting out a corporate offices. Whatever your needs, we will have a solution.


As part of our interior design service we manage full procurement including purchase of all items. This includes management of delivery times, communication with suppliers, coordinating finishes and making sure the right products have arrived. We do all this with a clear timeline in place to ensure your project goes ahead with maximum efficiency.


We bring your imagination to life with our unique approach to interior design. With our Italian roots we have access to some of the best bespoke carpenters, artists, designers and stylists. We source only the best suppliers and contractors to infuse your home with elegance and style. You will be assigned your own personal interior designer to manage your project and ensure everything is exactly as you want it.


Our studio designers can put their expertise towards creating a new artistic vision for your brand or corporate identity. We have worked with companies including Pucci at Harrods and Bianco46 to create exquisite interiors streamlined to the requirements of the sector.


Good lighting can make or break the ambience of a room. We can create that perfect atmosphere for your home with our in depth knowledge of up to date lighting strategies. For one of our recent projects we used a range of tinted yellow uplighting to create the perfect day-time atmosphere which could also be switched to softer blues for an alternative nighttime feel


As part of our unique service we work with carpenters based in Italy who we fly over specifically for high spec and luxury jobs that require an exceptional quality and attention to detail. We use products such as bespoke sapele wood finishing, marble and concrete polished flooring among many other on trend techniques.


The tender documents are required for the purpose of getting a quote for construction works on your project. We put together the complete package to gain a selection of prices from our group of trusted contractors, including a cost from our own construction department.



In today’s market it is often difficult to source builders working with integrity and skill. At CGTWorks we have a team of some of the most talented individuals in the field, working in often traditional and bespoke techniques for the maximum quality of your build. Our services guarantee you a luxury finish and work that will last for decades to come. Ultimately we work with you to ensure a high standard, both within your budget and timeframe.


We have a long history of working on Grade I & II listed buildings, ensuring the utmost care goes into maintaining the quality and history of your property, whether that means sourcing original materials or getting a surveyor on site to assess the structural requirements. Our builders are carefully selected for their skill and prowess in the field often using traditional techniques to ensure the integrity of your build.


In the often competitive hospitality industry, CGTWorks has a reputation for a fast and efficient turnaround. We design creative solutions that are unique to the goals of each individual client. Our team works with you to ensure the vision you have for your project is completed to a flawless standard, on time and in budget.


Within the construction industry our company is renowned for creating builds of the highest standard. Whatever your budget we will ensure that the quality of your development is to an exacting level. With new builds at an all-time high it is imperative that construction companies produce work which will stand the test of time and not need replacing in 5 years’ time.  We have been called in to fix works that fall below this standard and as such can always be relied upon to exceed expectations of quality and workmanship.


CGTWorks can provide a full refurbishment of your house, whether you want luxury interiors and bespoke carpentry or if you are simply looking to add value with a extension or upgrade, we can get this completed to the highest standard. This includes a full quote for the job at a competitive level, your personally assigned project manager, budget control throughout and a clear timeline strategy.


CGTWorks can provide a complete service for your property – from the initial design, architectural drawings and planning permission right through to the construction and completion of your project. We take total management of your property, without the need for outsourcing external contractors – this makes the whole development a lot simpler for you, freeing up your time whilst keeping you fully up to date with implemented timelines throughout the process.


We offer a broad range of services to improve your commercial environment, from a simple alteration to existing designs or a full interior refurbishment. We understand that works to a commercial property can be complicated due to specific requirements of individual companies. For this reason we assign a specialist to your project to ensure everything is completed to your specifications.



We work with many private homeowners and landlords in prestigious Central London locations looking to upgrade their investment. Whether you are looking for a luxury overhaul or a simple renovation we are here to work with you.


Do you have a client who wants to start construction work, but has no architect to create the plans for their vision? Come to us and we will be able to work directly with you to deliver coherent instructions to ensure a smooth and easy journey in delivering a high quality build.


Are you an architect looking to make connections with a reputable and high quality construction firm? Send us over your project and we will come back to you with a quote for full renovation of your project. Past collaborations include Gundry & Ducker, Studio0044, Atelier Kyshcla and many others.  


Whether you are looking to develop a plot of recently acquired land or you want plans put into place for a multi-storey construction, we can help you to achieve your vision. Previous jobs include renovation of a five storey development in Soho, new build on a site in Arsenal and architectural designs for a set of 8 skin clinics across London.