#1801 Premier Laser Clinic 

Year: 2015 
Location: Liverpool Street, London 
Client: Premier Laser Clinic 

Status: Completed 

CGTWORKS services: Concept design, planning application, construction drawings. 

Premier Laser Clinic, one of the leading clinics for skin treatments in London, hired CGTWORKS for their new Liverpool Street clinic.

Because of our extensive construction experience, we were hired to produce construction drawings, concept design and planning permission to the clinic management.

The Premier Laser Clinic has their own internal construction team, that they use to maintain their ever-growing number of clinics in London, but they needed guidance for their new project.

CGTWORKS provided them with a concept design and layout optimization to maximize the use of space in the new venue. After approval from the management of the Clinic, a full set of construction drawings and schedule of works, with construction details, were drafted and provided.

During on-site building works, CGTWORKS assisted the clinic builder, providing guidance for materials installation, technical details and quality control.
The clinic now is one of the best performing within the Clinic chain, and very appreciated by their clientele.