#1801  50 Kalo'

Year: 2018
Location: Trafalgar Square, London
Client: Kalo’ Pizzeria  
Design: Costa Group 

Construction: CGTWORKS 
Status: Completed 

CGTWORKS services: Construction

We were hired by Kalo’, one of the most historical Pizzerias in Naples, to create their first restaurant in London. In an incredible location inside historic Northumberland House, just steps away from Trafalgar Square, we converted the 5m-high hall in a pizzeria designed by Costa Group, one of the leaders in restaurant design, with projects in Europe and America.


The property, consisting of a huge monumental hall with original marble columns and ornate ceiling has now been restored to its original beauty.

Pre-existing features were redecorated and polished where needed, while integrating modern fire control systems for the new pizza oven and kitchen.
A modern wallpaper, sourced by the designer, was applied to the walls, bringing new life to the space.

All existing plumbing systems for the kitchen, beer pumping systems to the draft lines and air conditioning were overhauled, while existing light fittings were removed and replaced with new ones, more in line with the character of the place.

You can see the results yourself the next time you eat a pizza at Kalo’ in Central London!