#1625 Ebury Street

Year: 2016
Location: Belgravia, London 
Client: Private 

Construction: CGTWORKS 
Status: Completed 

CGTWORKS services: Interior Design, Architecture & Construction.


For this project CGT Works had the challenge of completely redesigning and constructing a Georgian property in the centre of London into a beautiful contemporary living space.

We began with simple mood boards for the client to get a feel of the design they wanted for their home. 

From there we moved to the design stage, creating 3D renders for the client to visualise how their house could look. 

We then went on to source the interior features of the project including bespoke Rimadesio carpentry and Iris Ceramiche tiles. 

Once we had finalised the interiors, we moved to the architectural stage. Detailed drawings were created and from here we begun the construction stage.

Throughout the process everything was managed by CGT Works giving the clients a stress-free experience of creating their dream of a stunning house in Central London.