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#1610  Ladbroke Walk Mews

Year: 2016 
Location: Notting Hill, London
Client: Private 
Design:  Footprintdd Design & Development

Construction: CGTWORKS 
Status: Completed 

CGTWORKS services: Construction, Windows and finish materials.

Our clients came to us needing extensive refurbishment of this mews house in Notting Hill Gate. The house dramatically needed more light and the state of the property was in poor condition.

CGTWORKS won the tender for this project which included the complete stripping of all finishes, doors, partitions, kitchen, bathrooms, fireplace. An existing old conservatory on the rear was removed to make space for a new rear extension with extensive glazing to let more light inside the ground floor living space.  

We provided new high-quality double-glazed timber sash windows and entrance door to the property, while the rear extension consisted of new aluminium-framed folding door and window, with a two-meter by one-meter rooflight. The last floor was also flushed with light through the installation with 3 new openable rooflights to the roof.

New electric and plumbing systems throughout the house were installed and finished with Italian-design switches and sanitary ware. A new beautiful wooden floor with large-sized planks throughout the property, including stairs, was installed by our joiners.
Finally, the rear garden was provided with new stone paving and a teak timber slatted fence. As well as various plants. 

The result was a stunning development, transformed from a dull and unimpressive mews into a light-filled oasis in the heart of London, complete with high quality finishes and beautiful garden.