#1601 Moorside

Year: 2016 
Location: United Kingdom 
Client: Public 

Collaborators: Marco Caorlini, Truong Thanh Thi, Paolo Tortorelli
Status: Design 

CGTWORKS services: Architecture

This project answers the issues presented by creating an architecturally flexible system that can be adapted over time. The analysis of Mirehouse has shown that its inhabitants don’t have direct access to

the facilities of Whitehaven. It is an opportunity to bring these facilities to the community, whilst reducing the footprint of the masterplan. The solution was created by integrating the facilities within the accommodation, avoiding the functional composition and creating a mix-use housing for new workers but also for the inhabitants as well. In this way, we imagine that it could bring social interactions and reinforce the identity of the city. This solution enables a flexible and open structure that is most importantly, able to adapt to the future needs of the community.