#1319 Redcliffe square

Year: 2014 
Location: South Kensington, London 
Client: Private 

Interior design: James Ashfield

Construction: CGTWORKS 
Status: Completed 

CGTWORKS services: Architecture, interior design, planning permission, license for alteration, Construction, furniture and finish materials.

For this project, we provided a turn-key service, spanning from planning permission, freeholder consent for alteration to interior design, technical design and full construction, including bespoke furniture.

The client lives abroad and is time poor, so we managed the entire process, starting from planning

permission, installing new double glazing, applying to the freeholder, to receiving approval for a complete reconfiguration of the property.

One of the requirements of the client was to be able to have an extra bed without losing the living space. We designed a sliding system that allowed a portion of the living area to be separated and become a temporary bedroom, with the help of a wall-bed furniture that became a sofa with studio

during the day.

This has been successfully implemented in the construction, providing bespoke floor-to- ceiling 3.4mt height panels to subdivide the space and modular furniture from our Italian suppliers. The finishes have been completed to the highest standards, using Bisazza mosaic for the en-suite and

guest bathrooms, Boffi kitchen and wooden floor directly from our Italian supplier.