#1304 Peabody

Year: 2013
Location:  London 
Client: Peabody 

Status: Design

CGTWORKS services: Architecture 

Our proposal took its shape from an analysis of the area surrounding the site. The predominant urban pattern is largely made of block formations, generally three or four storeys high, with brick facades.

This, together with site constraints (the proximity of the 30 St. John Grove building and the Public house) informed our proposal. Initially, the building took its original foot print from the site shape, and then we started to modify this volume, drawing it back where we wanted private green or public spaces. The roofs of the building were shaped to allow as much private space as possible for the residential units

lacking a ground floor garden, allowing the creation of generous terraces. After that, we adapted the silhouette of the building to the surrounding buildings, trying to match heights so as not to affect the right to light of the public house and the St John’s Grove block. On the back, the section next to the public house was lowered, while on the opposite side we lowered the volume as much as possible

toward the block of flats. The building presents two different entrances, while being drawn back from the street. This creates two buffer spaces between entrances and public pavement, implementing some degree of privacy.

Our design is a reinterpretation of the surrounding housing, with the aim of blending in to the urban environment. Consequently, for the external finish we opted for faced brick in three different colours, giving it a dynamic character and avoiding the “block” effect. The final effect is more like three different intersected buildings.