#1210 Chesterston Road

Year: 2015 
Location: Holland Park, London 
Client: Private 
Design: Gundry&Ducker Ltd. 

Construction: CGTWORKS 
Status: Completed 

CGTWORKS services: Construction, furniture and finish materials.

The project involves the refurbishment of a two storey flat in Notting Hill. The 1st floor includes an open space with living and dining room, with a separate kitchen. We created a visual space between living room and dining room with use of varied materials/colours and objects. The main wall consists of a central concrete finished box with a niche for the TV and hole-in- the-wall fireplace. This box fills the space, opposite to the side niches, in which we installed cast-in- situ shelves on a white background. This theme tied in with the adjacent dining space using the same materials (white and concrete). On the second floor, we just used the same pale grey tone all over the staircase, studio and guest bedroom, with white skirting and architraves. The master bedroom presents a design like the 1st floor open space: the new partition dividing the bedroom space from the bathroom. The wet room corner was completed with concrete finish, while the rest is pure white to optically expand the space and diffuse the light as much as possible.